Our Vision


We want all our employees to feel that they have a workplace where their safety, health and well being are well looked after. We must be conscious of our social responsibility and our responsibility towards society and the environment in general. Our activities will not cause harm to people, equipment or the environment.

Our attitude to HSE

• All injuries can be avoided
• It is the responsibility of management to prevent injuries
• Protect the health, safety and the working environment is as important as efficiency and productivity
• Good training is essential to be able to work safely
• Rules and regulations can and should be followed
• A good working environment is the best foundation for long term success

Our HSE responsibilities

We operate in an industry that probably rightly have been in the spotlight because of the lack of social, safety and environmental responsibility. We want to exercise a special responsibility to help correct this impression of our industry. Uniqon want to build long-term relationships with our customers, and will achieve this by acting with credibility and reliability in both our HSE work and in our dialogue with the customer. As part of this we will : 

• Ensure that our personnel have always received good safety training
• Actively work to create positive attitudes to safety of our employees
• Ensure that our customers feel safe when they use staff from Uniqon
• Provide information on safety in a transparent and reliable manner
• Stay abreast of current legislation and compliance with this

Our HSE targets

We will measure the effectiveness of our HSE work towards the following objectives:
1. Sickness at under 2%
2. No accidents that lead to absence
3. Documented implemented HSE training for all new employees